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Photo Booth Rentals: Tips for Reserving a Photo Booth for your Next Event

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Photo booth rentals are great for all kinds of events from a birthday party , to a wedding, and corporate function just to name a few. Weddings are the most popular setting for a photo booth rental and a top entertainment feature for guests. Ultimately though if you are having any kind of party (whether big or small) a photo booth rental will make your guests happy and have them thanking you for a memorable party.

Here are some great general tips to take into mind when you are planning your next event and want to incorporate a photo booth rental for the party.

1) Make sure you have your date picked out before you apply for pricing. This will help you get the best price as possible.

2) What is your guest count?Having a very large party?You will want more hours of service so more guests can experience the photo booth.

3) If you are having a wedding then your photo booth rental should include a scrap book which is made on site with photos from the photo booth. This is an extra charge option for a large majority of photo booth service businesses.

4) Props are a whole lot of fun and enhance the photography in the photo booth. 😛 Even grandma will try them on and have a laugh!

5) The new trend in photo booths is the group style booth: the more guests you can fit in the photo booth,the more fun your guest will have.

6) The traditional sized print for a photo booth is 2 x 6 inches. If the business does not offer this then they are not a true photo booth rental business.

7) Stay clear of online group style deals:often clients are cancelled on at the last minute. Go with an experienced company that won’t cancel on you in the last minute.

8) When renting a photo booth make sure you have enough space for the booth.If you have a large guest list then odds are you will have a line for the photo booth and there needs to be space for this.

9) Photo booths are great for weddings, bar/t mitzvahs, sweet 16/15’s,retirement parties, tailgate parties, corporate functions, trade shows, & birthday parties just to name a few.

10) Lastly do your research and make sure the business you are working with is an experienced business with great reviews.

The Power of Props

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Nowadays, we get our pictures taken so often. With an abundance of cell phone cameras and the consumer accessibility of high-end SLRs – the magic of getting a picture taken is not quite what it used to be. Almost each and every time we go out there is someone with a camera ready to capture the moments. The pictures are often instantly posted on the Internet as we quickly revisit our memories in front of a screen for all our friends to see.

These days, it takes something more to heighten the excitement of a photograph. One of the key elements that sets the photo booth apart and elevates the fun to the next level is the use of props. It’s not everyday that we get to dress up – casually grab, say, a plastic Viking helmet and sunglasses, just to goof off with our closest friends and family members in front of a camera with no outside judgment. Not only that, but these goofy photos are printed instantly for us to bring home an actual memento, not just a digital file.  These types of scenarios may seem few and far between… but they can actually happen anytime behind the mystical curtain of the photo booth!

The booth is the perfect setting. The curtain is closed and the camera is unmanned, leaving the guests to let go by removing the self-consciousness often caused by a cameraman or spectators. It’s just the guests alone with the camera, now add a variety of props and accessories – the possibilities are endless. Your guests begin to role-play and embody the energy of the props that they choose. The props help create a fantasy world behind the photo booth curtain that people of all ages can enjoy. These simple accessories help everyone forget their age and play like a child all over again. At each event we see dozens of guests – children, teens, parents and grandparents – all eagerly awaiting their turn wearing masks, sunglasses, boas and all kinds of other colorful accessories.

Having fun never goes out of style but it sometimes takes a special moment for us to put our inhibitions aside and let loose. A photo booth along with a big box of props just may be what makes your next event go from ordinary to extraordinary.

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