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Bride-to-be’s stunned reaction captured after her boyfriend proposes in a PHOTO BOOTH

Monday, August 18th, 2014
Matt Taylor, 32, shocked his girlfriend of six years Becky Kidner, 28, by producing an engagement ring seconds before the old-fashioned photo booth bulb began to flash.

The perfectly-timed photos taken in the booth show bride-to-be Miss Kidner’s shock – then sheer joy as she accepts her boyfriend’s surprise proposal.

The snappy couple, from Shipley, in West Yorkshire, were enjoying a romantic weekend away in Manchester when Mr Taylor planned his unique proposal.

The second strip shows the Bride-to-be coming to terms with her surprise engagement  The second strip shows the Bride-to-be coming to terms with her surprise engagement [MERCURY]

Miss Kidner, 28, explained: “Matt said he was taking me away for the weekend to Manchester, which we nicknamed Romanchester, I did think for a moment ‘I wonder if he might propose?’ but then quickly thought no.

“I thought it was just for a nice weekend away.

“I knew one day we would get married, but that moment in particular was a complete surprise”.

Mr Taylor had chosen the location of his proposal after the couple, who work together at Leeds University, discovered a shared love of photo booths when holidaying together in Vienna, Austria.

Miss Kidner said: “There’s something about the black and white old photos which we both love, and being able to look back on these moments in time and reminisce.

“Since we realised we both share a love of them we have to have our pictures taken whenever we see a booth.

“We were both quite emotional for the rest of the day, calling our family and getting so many lovely responses from all our friends and family was overwhelming.

“Everyone is so happy for us, and we’re super happy”.

The West Yorkshire lovers have been together for a little under six years, after meeting through an online dating site and braving a first date in a pub in Leeds, on September 3, 2008.

Miss Kidner recalls their first meeting: “Our original plan was to go for a casual coffee, but having been at work all day and being nervous we decided to go for an alcoholic drink instead.

“I’m an artist so I showed him some of my drawings, and he let me listen to one of the tunes he’d made.

“We really hit it off and conversation flowed very well which was great”

Miss Kidner and Mr Taylor are now set to get married in September next year, and have already started to save for their big day.

Mr Taylor said: “The day of the proposal was a bit nerve-wracking, there was even a moment when I thought I was going to be rumbled.

“In the end I can’t believe how well it went, the photo strip came out so well that people think it looks staged but it really isn’t.

“I feel so incredibly lucky to have met Becky, I can’t imagine a life without her”.


Looking through the perfectly timed photo strip of their engagement – it’s clear that whoever is picked to be the couple’s official wedding photographer has a lot to live up to.

How to have fun with photography at your wedding

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Weddings are a special time. You’ll want to look back on the celebrations for years to come. With the advancement of technology and the trends for DIY-style and themed weddings, there’s so much more on offer to help you reminisce than the standard photograph album. From invites to favours, here are a few ideas to help get those creative juices flowing.


1. Games

Everyone loves a board game. Impress your wedding party (especially those who don’t care to dance) with personalised table games. How about reinventing that old favourite Guess Who? by replacing the faces with passport-size images of your friends and family.

2. Hire a photo booth

Photo booths have become incredibly popular at weddings. With silly props on hand, they provide hours of fun, as well as a quirky means of documenting the evening when your official photogapher has probably left for the day. As an added bonus, your guests will be able to take their prints home.

Magic Moment Photo Booth come highly recommended. They can deliver a booth anywhere in the UK, and their booths are also equipped to record video messages. Choose between a Party Booth or a Retro Booth, or go the whole hog and hire a Open Booth for green screen or red carpet.


1. Mobile phone apps

Chasing down photos of your wedding can be time-consuming. Consider using a photo-sharing site instead to create your own private wedding album. Guests download an app to their mobile phones and upload photographs to your personal account. Since most mobile-phone cameras take decent quality photographs these days you’ll get much better results than handing out disposable cameras, for instance. Most importantly it’s instant and it’s free.

For those who prefer to use digital cameras, they can also upload directly to your album via email or the internet, and it’s worth asking your wedding photographer to share their photos to your album as well. A couple of suggested apps, both with easy instructions are Wedpics and Wedding Party.


2. Social media

You could also consider Instagram and Twitter to document your day. Set up a hashtag such as #smithwedding14 (just type it into Google to make sure it hasn’t been used before). Then encourage your guests to use it. Perhaps include it on your invites or display it somewhere visible on the day. If possible, ensure that WiFi is available on-site. If you trust your guests you could also view the photos live using a projector. For this we suggest sites such as or eventstagram. After the big day you can then share all the photos in an online wedding album or print them out into a photo book.


3. Guest books

Encourage guests to add their photo-booth pictures to your guest book as they leave you a message. Alternatively, pop a Polaroid camera by your guest book so that people can take a quick snap while they write. The Fujifilm Instax camera is a great option and comes in lots of pretty colours. It will also come in useful for other instant snaps throughout the day.



Over 100 Reviews on Wedding Wire! Number 1 Photo Booth Company!

Monday, August 4th, 2014

We are proud to be one of the most innovative and best photo booth services out there.  It all comes down to how we service our clients and with out them we would be nothing.  We believe in offering the best product, pictures, staff, customer service, and all around experience and we do it for YOU! We would like to thank everyone for letting us be a part of your events.  Each and everyone! Thank You!


Slow Motion Video Booths Are The Best New Wedding Trend

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Slow motion photo booth chicago

It’s official: We are totally and completely obsessed with slow-motion video booths.

Sure, photo booths are great and who doesn’t love hanging those cute, little picture strips on the fridge? But the slow-motion video booth is way more dynamic, allowing guests to be a lot more creative (Be honest: How many times have you done the obligatory “Charlie’s Angels” photo booth pose?) and frankly, looks like a lot more fun!

With Magic Moment Photo Booth Slow motion booths. The strips still print out and you get the best of both worlds combined. Chicago, Madison, and Los Angeles

Photo Booth Rentals: Tips for Reserving a Photo Booth for your Next Event

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Photo booth rentals are great for all kinds of events from a birthday party , to a wedding, and corporate function just to name a few. Weddings are the most popular setting for a photo booth rental and a top entertainment feature for guests. Ultimately though if you are having any kind of party (whether big or small) a photo booth rental will make your guests happy and have them thanking you for a memorable party.

Here are some great general tips to take into mind when you are planning your next event and want to incorporate a photo booth rental for the party.

1) Make sure you have your date picked out before you apply for pricing. This will help you get the best price as possible.

2) What is your guest count?Having a very large party?You will want more hours of service so more guests can experience the photo booth.

3) If you are having a wedding then your photo booth rental should include a scrap book which is made on site with photos from the photo booth. This is an extra charge option for a large majority of photo booth service businesses.

4) Props are a whole lot of fun and enhance the photography in the photo booth. 😛 Even grandma will try them on and have a laugh!

5) The new trend in photo booths is the group style booth: the more guests you can fit in the photo booth,the more fun your guest will have.

6) The traditional sized print for a photo booth is 2 x 6 inches. If the business does not offer this then they are not a true photo booth rental business.

7) Stay clear of online group style deals:often clients are cancelled on at the last minute. Go with an experienced company that won’t cancel on you in the last minute.

8) When renting a photo booth make sure you have enough space for the booth.If you have a large guest list then odds are you will have a line for the photo booth and there needs to be space for this.

9) Photo booths are great for weddings, bar/t mitzvahs, sweet 16/15’s,retirement parties, tailgate parties, corporate functions, trade shows, & birthday parties just to name a few.

10) Lastly do your research and make sure the business you are working with is an experienced business with great reviews.

Company Branding & Photo Booths

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

The magic and fun of the photo booth never fails to attract attendees and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. So, why not incorporate your brand into this experience? The booth is the perfect way to attract potential clients to your company and pair your brand with the lively and merry memories created within the booth. Unlike many other marketing strategies, the key here is that you are integrating your brand into an experience and a memory to create a fun, unique and effective branding opportunity. All of your guests will leave the event with a tangible keepsake – a branded photo strip with your company logo prominently printed on the image. But there is so much more to it than that.

A photo booth can be monumental to any branding event and comes with numerous possibilities including – green screens, custom brand layouts, branded booths with company decals, iPad sharing, real-time tagging and plenty more. Get the most bang for your buck while incorporating a positive experience with your brand in order to enhance the possibility of that brand sticking with each person. Thus, increasing the chances of potential future customers. Create buzz, increase followers and generate brand awareness through the power of personal social influence.

Share, reach, promote.

Real time tagging, sharing and commenting. Immediately promote your brand and the event well beyond the venue and into the infinite space of the Internet through social media in order to achieve maximum brand exposure. Once someone is tagged in a photo from your company’s event, your brand is instantly shared and spread throughout all of this person’s followers. This includes friends, family and even acquaintances – the possibilities are endless. For little cost, your brand is placed in front of the faces of hundreds of other likeminded people – not as an advertisement, but as a part of a close friend’s experience. Nothing beats personal influence or recommendation and people will take much more stock in a company if they see it through a trusted friend.

Ipad sharing – A revolutionary development in digital marketing that allows for the wireless transfer of photos directly from the camera in the booth to an iPad. The photos can then be instantly uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or email. Users can log onto their Facebook, Twitter, or any social media account and instantly tag themselves in the photographs taken from the event at that very time. Not only is the photo tagged and shared, it is a sure fire way to increase the likes and following for your page by requiring the user to like the page before being able to use the photograph.

What about the actual photo booths themselves? Between brand and logo printing on the photo strips, custom brand layouts and green screens, there is little limit as to what can be done. Each booth can be personalized to fit each brand.

Green Screen with custom screens – Top tier technology. Green screens allow for any booth to be easily and effectively tailored to each specific brand with custom screens. Shine your company logo or any images, texts, or backgrounds to create a fully immersive atmosphere around the booth. We use the green screen as backdrop with our open-air booth in order to project your company logo or chosen brand images as the backdrop for your guests’ photographs. Simple, yet effective, this is a quick, easy and cost effective way to light up the photographs with your brand.

Custom Brand Layouts – We can adapt to most any brand image and create a completely customized booth with your company’s imagery, logos, and whatever else necessary to complete the ultimate brand experience.

No brand too big or too small. We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest corporations from a plethora of industries, as well as some of the hottest local up-and-coming startups. No matter the size or scope of your company, Magic Moment Photo Booth will create an effective booth branding experience at an affordable cost. Some of the companies Magic Moment Photo Booth has worked with:

–          Snickers

–          McDonalds

–          Bebe

–          Ann Taylor

–          Red Mango

–          VW

–          Kraft

–          Advocate Health Care

In today’s day and age, the Internet and social media are such an integral part of the world and people’s day-to-day lives, both personally and professionally. It is equally as important for business to capitalize on these opportunities as ways to reach their current customers, potential customers, and effectively build their brand by forming more personal type relationships with the people who matter most. Working in conjunction with our completely customizable brand layout options, photo booth branding is an ideal tool to boost the reach of any business.

Bridal Show Chicago Photo Booth

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Today Magic Moment Photo Booth was at the Chicago Bridal show at the Westin Michigan Avenue.  The turn out was amazing and it was the best show we have been to and yet to do.  The atmosphere and the vibe of all the guests and vendors was amazing.  We had a great time communicating with prospective clients and explaining our photo booths and services and how they are different/better from the rest of the competition out there.  We had our big party booth which is the biggest in chicago.  It has a real photo both enclosure and is wider and longer than any other booth out there on the market.  Not only is it bigger, but it has a better build quality than (tent photobooths) and uses professional grade material to make it fit in with the decor of your event.  We heard guests say that our photo booth was the best and same with the props.

It truly makes us happy with the level of AMAZING feedback we got from everyone.  This is why we are in business!  We are/and we want to remain the BEST Photo Booth company in Chicago and are expanding into the L.A. market to provide amazing and unique experiences there as well.

We would like to thank everyone who came out and enjoyed their Sunday at the Bridal Expo and with us.  We look forward  to doing many bridal expos in the future as well.  So if you are looking for an amazing photo booth vendor in the chicago area that truly cares about your special day and will go the extra distance for you then look no further! #MagicMomentPhotoBooth

Photo Booth

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Photo Booths are the “Go To” source of Entertainment!

Photo Booths are all the rage these days. More and more people are turning to photo booth rentals as a go to source for entertainment and excitement at their events, and for good reason. Photo booths bring smiles to peoples’ faces while perfectly capturing the essence and beauty of that joyful moment in which it was created. Some of life’s best moments never seem to last as long as we would like and before we know it, they disappear into the past. Once that moment is gone, we are left with just a memory, and what better way to capture those memories than a photo booth.

Premium Photo Booth Experience

Our elegant photo booths provide the perfect way to brighten up your event or party. Not only will your guests experience an unforgettable source of entertainment, they will also go home with magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Mission is “Fun, Excitement, and Happiness”

Our mission is to bring utmost fun, excitement, and happiness to your event through the magic of our top-of-the-line photo booths and immaculate service at an affordable rate. We are dedicated to bringing smiles to your guest’s faces while making sure that your event is a hit that will be remembered forever. Our experienced professional hosts are punctual, personable, and driven to ensure your every need is met from start to finish stress free.

Best Booths, Props, and Hosts “Unlike No Other”!

With numerous different photo booths, props, and packages – we are equipped to suit each and every one of our clients individual needs in order to provide a perfectly tailored experience unlike any other. No matter the type of event or the size, our professional staff will find the perfect fit to ensure your highest possible satisfaction.

100% Customer Satisfaction!

If you are looking for a photo booth service that truly cares about your special day and understands the significance of these once in a lifetime experiences. A service that will rise above and beyond your expectations in order to assure your dream becomes the success you always imagined. Look no further than Magic Moment Photo Booth.

The wedding proposal – the new big hit

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Photo Booth Rental Wedding

The wedding proposal – the new big hit


Popping the question to a girl is no longer an intimate affair but a spectacle with a big supporting cast and better yet, an audience.RELIEF. Horror. That’s how two guys, a middle-aged bloke and a teenager of 18, reacted to the news of yet another guy going to elaborate lengths to propose to his lady love.

As reported in The Star last week, 27-year-old assistant manager Joshua Wong got 33 of his friends to dance to a medley of songs at a shopping mall in Petaling Jaya before he popped the question to his girlfriend.

It took Wong some three weeks to plan the gambit and that was after he couldn’t post his proposal on a huge billboard from across her office because of logistical problems.

When I read out the story to the family, the older guy rolled his eyes in disdain. But the relief was obvious. After all, he didn’t have to go through much trouble when he decided to get hitched almost 30 years ago. To me.

In fact, as far as this aunty remembers, he didn’t go through any trouble at all. Not one tiny bit because he never proposed. After dating for several months, he just assumed I would marry him and darn it, he assumed right.

He didn’t even ask my father’s permission to marry me. Thinking back, he really had it easy.

At least I had an engagement party but that was only because my dad insisted on one. And it was kept small and private. We took some photos and that was it.

But with that great game changer of our times, the Internet, the world — to paraphrase Shakespeare — has become one big stage where everyone can be players. All they have to do is load up their act on YouTube.

Without this facility to play to a global audience, such grandstanding proposals, like a lot of other antics and funny stuff, including Gangnam Style, would not have caught on so rapidly. Now it seems a bloke must really go the extra mile to ask for a girl’s hand. A romantic dinner before going down on bended knee is no longer enough. There must be a huge build-up before that ring-in-a-box moment.

What’s more, in those “Best wedding proposal ever” and “Top 10 (or 25) best wedding proposals” videos on YouTube, a key element in making it “best” is that the proposal must be very public, witnessed by a crowd of strangers.

Hence, many proposals involve flash mobs or a captive audience in airplanes, sports stadiums and cinemas to cheer on the guy and clap and whistle when she says yes.

And, by the way, the girls all react in the same way — they shriek, laugh, cry, cover their mouths with their hands and say “Oh my God, Oh my God!”

Oh what pressure! No wonder my husband is relieved he didn’t have to do any of that. But who would have guessed proposals would get so extravagant and ostentatious in such a short time?

Which is why the teenager mentioned at the beginning of this article blanched at the news. He’s thinking, to his horror, he might have to hire a space ship or something equally spectacular when he proposes in say 10 or 15 years’ time. My poor son! Should he start saving up for a proposal for his unknown bride? Should I?

While one part of me thinks such big gestures are sweet, another part finds it somewhat disconcerting.

That’s because Asians, especially the young ones, have cottoned on so fast and morphed from being inscrutable and private to becoming wide open books on their personal lives.

Where once we would be too shy, embarrassed or ashamed to share certain things about our lives, the opposite is now true.

Young people probably see it as their being more open and asserting their right to be seen and heard and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. And by all means have fun and spread the joy around.

But what worries me is the aggressive blare-all attitude that is also becoming prevalent. Many young people seem shockingly unaware of what is nuance, decorum or what constitutes a sense of decency in what they say and do on Facebook and other forms of social media. And that surely is a bad thing.

If we need a lesson on how to share in tasteful and delightful show-and-tell, then I recommend a proposal by a guy called Isaac Lamb to his girlfriend Amy Finkel. It’s done publicly but there are no strangers to witness it. It is touching, clever and funny without being in-your-face or showy for the sake of it.

It’s titled “Best marriage proposal ever?” For this Internet moment, I think so. Photo Booth Rental Rockford.

Top 10 Tips to Plan Your Wedding Your Way

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Photo Booth Chicago Wedding Receptions


Summer means weddings, whether planning your own or participating in one. June is the most popular month of the year to get married, with August coming in a close second.

My August wedding was almost 20 years ago, yet the memories of planning and preparation are still as vivid as the event itself. The legal ceremony requires little else besides the license, bride, groom, officiant and witnesses, but from there anything goes and is indicative of the personal creativity and budget constraints of the couple getting married.

Tip 1: Make it meaningful. 
Remember that your commitment to love each other is the reason for this occasion, so make it meaningful to you as a couple. Music has been an important part of our life, so we gave it an integral place in our special day. Our flower girl (groom’s sister) even danced her way down the aisle dropping the dried flower petals I had saved from the many bouquets my fiance had given me.

Tip 2: Name your price. 
Decide the amount you want to spend and how much you can comfortably afford; then create a budget that works each desired element into the total cost. The average wedding in the United States costs almost $30,000. But just because you can spend that much, doesn’t mean you should. Some couples prefer to use that money for a car or a down payment on a house. Our friends and family members offered their skills as photographer, caterer, musician, event planner, florist and seamstress. The talented participation of our loved ones enabled us to have a memorable day on a smaller budget and surrounded us with a supportive camaraderie.

Tip 3-6: Determine who, what, when, and where. 
Each of those four integral words will need distinctive determinations for each option you include in your events. Attendants, attire, parties, ceremony, reception and other related activities bring a myriad of choices. For us it was worth it. It was fun to have interesting aspects reflect our personalities.

Sixteen years ago, we were part of our close friends’ gorgeous garden wedding. At their rehearsal dinner we surprised them with a quasi-rap song we wrote just for them. To this day, mutual friends chant the memorable refrain of “Hey, hey, hey, it’s your wedding day….”

Tip 7: Discuss the event without discord. 
Difficult decisions will need to be made, and differences will surface. Tensions can escalate further when the desires and finances of parents are involved. Choosing the guest list, as well as the wedding party, can be very stressful and may determine the size of the event, which affects cost and location. Focus on what really matters to each of you and keep a healthy perspective. My husband and I have very different ideas so we agreed early on to find solutions that we would both be comfortable with. The enormity of details and the stress of making decisions have led many to elope! Take a deep breath and read these top 10 tips again.

Tip 8: Aspire to be inspired. 
Go surfing!! Well, it is summer, and beach ceremonies are popular events…but I really mean, surf the web. Cedar hope chests were commonly given to girls as a coming-of-age gift in the 1950s and ’60s. Precious items were collected and stored in hopes of a glorious wedding day and married life. Today, the modern equivalent is Pinterest, the online site where men and women freely save, sort, and swoon over ideas, images and information organized by category and personalized with a pin-it feature. Social media has expanded our sphere of reference, and you can like Weddings on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Trends come and go and wedding styles are no exception. From elopements to destination weddings, classic traditions blend with new ideas. Sending out electronic Save the Dates has become a standard practice that was unheard of two decades ago, even by regular mail. Martha Stewart’s huge Tiffany blue wedding book was the definitive go-to resource when I was planning, along with a few classic bridal magazines. Now Martha has a site devoted to all things weddings, as does world-renowned event planner Colin Cowie. LifeTips has more than 1,000 tips in 26 different wedding-related categories.

Tip 9: Stay organized. 
Planning and preparation will keep your dream wedding from becoming a nightmare. Numerous websites offer free online tools. Even if you hire a wedding planner, detailed lists are a must. Some brides begin a checklist as early as 16 months in advance. Emergencies may happen even with the best-laid plans, but serendipity can be found in the midst of a mess. Minutes before I walked down the aisle, my heirloom lace wedding dress (groom’s grandmother’s) needed a last-minute repair. The private time my mom and I shared as she calmly mended it was precious.

Tip 10: Enjoy your wedding, your way. 
This is your time to sparkle and shine! The intense planning and preparation and the many events from engagement announcements to parties and showers all lead to the ceremony and reception that begin your life as a married couple. We coordinated a wedding weekend itinerary with out-of-town friends and family before we left for our honeymoon. Bask in every exciting moment; then relax together at a romantic resort, bed and breakfast, upscale inn or boutique hotel.

–Shirley Anitra Swagerty

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