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Sunday, September 29th, 2013

The magic and fun of the photo booth never fails to attract attendees and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. So, why not incorporate your brand into this experience? The booth is the perfect way to attract potential clients to your company and pair your brand with the lively and merry memories created within the booth. Unlike many other marketing strategies, the key here is that you are integrating your brand into an experience and a memory to create a fun, unique and effective branding opportunity. All of your guests will leave the event with a tangible keepsake – a branded photo strip with your company logo prominently printed on the image. But there is so much more to it than that.

A photo booth can be monumental to any branding event and comes with numerous possibilities including – green screens, custom brand layouts, branded booths with company decals, iPad sharing, real-time tagging and plenty more. Get the most bang for your buck while incorporating a positive experience with your brand in order to enhance the possibility of that brand sticking with each person. Thus, increasing the chances of potential future customers. Create buzz, increase followers and generate brand awareness through the power of personal social influence.

Share, reach, promote.

Real time tagging, sharing and commenting. Immediately promote your brand and the event well beyond the venue and into the infinite space of the Internet through social media in order to achieve maximum brand exposure. Once someone is tagged in a photo from your company’s event, your brand is instantly shared and spread throughout all of this person’s followers. This includes friends, family and even acquaintances – the possibilities are endless. For little cost, your brand is placed in front of the faces of hundreds of other likeminded people – not as an advertisement, but as a part of a close friend’s experience. Nothing beats personal influence or recommendation and people will take much more stock in a company if they see it through a trusted friend.

Ipad sharing – A revolutionary development in digital marketing that allows for the wireless transfer of photos directly from the camera in the booth to an iPad. The photos can then be instantly uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or email. Users can log onto their Facebook, Twitter, or any social media account and instantly tag themselves in the photographs taken from the event at that very time. Not only is the photo tagged and shared, it is a sure fire way to increase the likes and following for your page by requiring the user to like the page before being able to use the photograph.

What about the actual photo booths themselves? Between brand and logo printing on the photo strips, custom brand layouts and green screens, there is little limit as to what can be done. Each booth can be personalized to fit each brand.

Green Screen with custom screens – Top tier technology. Green screens allow for any booth to be easily and effectively tailored to each specific brand with custom screens. Shine your company logo or any images, texts, or backgrounds to create a fully immersive atmosphere around the booth. We use the green screen as backdrop with our open-air booth in order to project your company logo or chosen brand images as the backdrop for your guests’ photographs. Simple, yet effective, this is a quick, easy and cost effective way to light up the photographs with your brand.

Custom Brand Layouts – We can adapt to most any brand image and create a completely customized booth with your company’s imagery, logos, and whatever else necessary to complete the ultimate brand experience.

No brand too big or too small. We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest corporations from a plethora of industries, as well as some of the hottest local up-and-coming startups. No matter the size or scope of your company, Magic Moment Photo Booth will create an effective booth branding experience at an affordable cost. Some of the companies Magic Moment Photo Booth has worked with:

–          Snickers

–          McDonalds

–          Bebe

–          Ann Taylor

–          Red Mango

–          VW

–          Kraft

–          Advocate Health Care

In today’s day and age, the Internet and social media are such an integral part of the world and people’s day-to-day lives, both personally and professionally. It is equally as important for business to capitalize on these opportunities as ways to reach their current customers, potential customers, and effectively build their brand by forming more personal type relationships with the people who matter most. Working in conjunction with our completely customizable brand layout options, photo booth branding is an ideal tool to boost the reach of any business.

We provide the BEST! Photo Booths!

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

When many people consider a photo booth company, they often overlook the actual quality of the equipment when shopping between brands. As with anything else, not all photo booths are created equal and each and every piece of equipment should be up to par. From the most important elements like the camera, all the way to the outside enclosure, each and every piece counts. Most people would not buy a product that worked well on the inside but the exterior design was flawed, unsightly or poorly made, right? The same concept applies here. The camera is just a part of the booth but you want the complete package and the enclosure is key piece of that package.

Magic Moment Photo Booth is proud to use cutting edge top of the line enclosures in order to stay at the top of the game in both the Chicago and Los Angeles areas. We also boast three different styles to accommodate most any type of needs or event – “The Classic Magic Booth”, “Magic Party Booth” and the “Magic Open Air”. (*Insert links to page)

Some lower end photo booths often use cheap pop up tent style enclosures. Not only are these enclosures unsightly, they are also a hazard and stand a chance of getting in the way of your photos or your guests by falling in front of the lens. The fabric is custom cut specifically for our photo booths in order to ensure a smooth experience from start to finish. No need to worry about the enclosure catching, difficulty opening or closing, or any type of situation. It fits perfectly with our equipment to ensure that it does not get in the way of any lights or electronics where there may be hot temperatures. The fabric is thick, fire retardant and manufactured at upmost quality above the industry standard. In the extremely rare chance of any emergency situation or accident, there is absolutely no chance of the booth going up in flames due to the fabric. This unfortunately is not the case with cheaper made enclosure fabrics.

All Magic Moment Booths carry sturdy support beams that allow for guests to comfortably move around in the booth and enjoy the space without having worrying about damaging or knocking the enclosure. Unlike cheaper companies who often use PVC or other flimsy piping, Magic Moment’s enclosures are manufactured from high-grade aluminum making them sleek, sturdy and lightweight. Also, the lush fabric of the backdrop creates a rich looking background that accentuates the features of your guests and makes for the perfect photograph. The difference is like night and day.

With three different styles and sizes, most all parties can be accommodated for. Our largest enclosure, the “Magic Party Booth” – is 6 feet wide, 7 feet deep and 7 feet tall and can comfortable fit up to 12 people! No need to worry about cramming into small space or people being cut out of the photograph, everyone can join the party to create epic memories that will last a lifetime. The more the merrier, make your photos come to life with the energy of all your friends in one photo booth to create the unique experience that can only be captured behind the magic curtain.

Classic Magic Booth – The original favorite, this booth is the perfect size: not too big or too small and perfect for those who may not need large family photos in the booth, but still want a crowd. The classic booth can comfortably accommodate up to six guests and comes with a stool for the added option of sitting or, if necessary, to ensure that everyone fits into the frame of the picture. Equipped with our premium fabric, the enclosure is placed on a curved pipe that is similar to the style of a shower curtain. This allows for smooth and easy access for your guests to open and close. The booth is also wheel chair accessible in order to ensure that no one is left out of the fun.

The Open-Air Booth – Perfect for any event. Just as it sounds, there is no enclosure and the freedom of the open air. Custom backdrops can be added, as well as our red carpet accessory to make it the ultimate party booth. Great for any wedding and perfect for corporate events – in which company logos can be projected onto the backdrops for the ideal promotional opportunity. You want your brand prominently displayed as much as possible and what better way to do it? The logo will be a part of the photos your guests will bring this home as part of their memory. The potential of this booth is ideal for marketing or branding but is also a great deal of fun at any event.

With all three styles, you are certain to find something that works for you and your vision. As with anything, be sure to choose quality and elegance on your special day.  Unfortunately, cheap enclosures look and feel like an old set of tacky drapes. You want every element of your wedding to look pristine. Instead of opting out with unprofessional looking homemade equipment, our enclosures are top of line and are manufactured to the highest industry standard in order to ensure the upmost durability and quality for our customers. We see the big picture and understand every aspect that plays into that picture. Come check out why Magic Moment Photo Booth is becoming a premier photo booth service in the Chicago land and now Los Angeles areas.

Magic Moment Photo Booth Chicago & LA

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